Mount St. Michael Secondary School


Our school has the following facilities on site:

A canteen on a stand-alone site beside the main building.

Football pitch

Tennis courts

2 basketball courts

Main Building Room No.
Principal's Office
Secretary's Office
General Classrooms 1-7
Prayer & Meditation Room
Gymnasium 8
Dressing/Shower Room
PE Office
Religion Room 9
General Classroom 10
Art Room 11
AEN Resource Room 12
Sensory Room 13
Deputy's Office
General Classrooms 14-18
German Room 19
Chemistry Laboratory 20
Dress Design Room 21
Home Economics Kitchen (1) 22
Tiered Demonstration and Conference Room 23
Biology Laboratory 24
Computer Lab 25
Admin Office
General Classroom 26 - 30
Home Economics Kitchen (2)
Guidance/Counselling Office

St. Joseph's
Computer Lab 31
Science Laboratory 32
Music Room 33
General Classroom 34
Computer Lab 35
Pottery Room 36
Caretaker's Workshop

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