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Mount St Michael Secondary School is part of the CEIST family of schools. In 2007 five religious congregations, including our own Sisters of Mercy, came together to find a new path to enable their schools to continue to offer a Catholic education into the future. CEIST - Catholic Education an Irish Schools Trust was formed and became the trustees of our school.

The Board of management of Mount St Michael Secondary School has been entrusted by CEIST to run the school according to their values and charter. Supporting and nourishing all in our school - students, staff and parents, is at the heart of what we do as a CEIST school. Our Mercy tradition is central to these values and we are very proud of our strong Mercy heritage.

The Board of Management sits for a term of three years. It consists of eight people - four are nominated by our trustees CEIST, the staff nominate two representatives and the final two members are nominated parents of students of the school. The Chairperson is one of the four CEIST nominees. The school Principal acts as secretary to the board. Training is provided for all board members.

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BOM Chairperson: Yvonne Horkan

Meetings are held once or twice a term and an agreed report is produced after each meeting. These may be accessed by clicking the links below.

Board of Management 2022 - 2025

Chairperson Yvonne Horkan
CEIST nominees Alison Kean, Conrad Harley, Jarlath Sweeney
Teacher nominees Ashling Warde, Patricia Keane
Parent nominees Annette Garvey Judge, JP Hughes

Agreed Reports

BOM April 2024

BOM February 2024

BOM December 2023
BOM June 2023 (joint report from meetings 12/06/23 and 26/06/23)
BOM April 2023
BOM February 2023
BOM December 2022
BOM October 19th 2022
BOM October 3rd 2022
BOM June 2022
BOM June 2022
BOM January 2022
BOM November 2021
BOM October 2021
BOM May 2021
BOM October 2020
BOM March 2020
BOM December 2019
BOM November 2019
BOM March 2018
BOM Jan 2017

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