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Book Rental

The book rental scheme is a cost-effective way of providing our First Year students with most of their text books at the start of 1st year. This does not cover all text books for their 3 years. Parents are advised that they will be required to purchase extra books from time to time. The scheme is funded in part by a Department of Education and Skills grant and in part by parent/guardian contributions.

A once-off payment of €100 covers the majority of a first year student's books. Those books not covered under the rental scheme must be purchased by each student independently. The full book list is available on the website (click here). The rented books must be returned to the school when no longer needed (1 - 3 years) in good condition. If the books get lost or damaged, while rented, it is the responsibility of the student to replace them.

To download the Book Rental Application form please click here

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