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Green Schools

In 2018 Mount St Michael was successful in attaining it's 5th Green Flag from An Taisce. This time the theme was BIODIVERSITY. The project aims to create awareness of the vast array of Flora and Fauna to be found around our school, in our Community and on a much wider scale, on our Planet. It aims to study ways of reducing threats to it's existence, maintaining it's balance and of helping to promote and conserve it. It was a two year project carried out by our Green Schools Committee together with many Transition Year students and Green Schools Coordinator, Ms. Maureen Commons.

Year 1 ... Our Review.

1. We surveyed the school community for levels of awareness of the meaning of Biodiversity together with it's impact on us as humans. We wanted to find out how aware we were on our own impact on biodiversity and how powerful we are in preserving it.

2. The school grounds were investigated at length to discover the many existing habitats and ones that could be developed at a future date. Following this a Habitat Map was created to outline their locations.

3. Habitat studies were carried out by students to identify the flora and fauna present around our school.

Year 2 ... Our Action Plan Began.

One of the aims of our Action Plan is to improve the awareness within the school community of Biodiversity. This has been achieved as we learned from our Year 2 survey showing an increase of 50% to 60% on our knowledge around this theme. The awareness was greatly improved by Ecologist, Karina Dingerkus who spent a few hours with us on a cold day in January giving talks to the students and studying the habitats to identify the many plants and animals we have living there.

A new Habitat Map has been drawn and both maps will be displayed prominently in the school. In addition six bird feeders and six bird boxes have been fixed onto trees and suitable locations. The bird boxes were made from scratch by two 2nd Year Students.

There will be planting of wildflowers, specific pollinator plants, berry trees and vegetables in our newly prepared raised beds. The maps were drawn by TY and 5th Year students.

The Committee consist of representatives from 1st Year, 2nd Year, Transition Year together with some Staff Members.

The Green Flag was awarded to the school in May 2018 and was raised at the school later that year. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

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